Chartreuse Muse by Susan Stephenson, oil on canvas, 2020

About the Muse

The Chartreuse Muse opened its doors as a contemporary gallery in Modesto in 2002. In September of 2007, The Muse moved to its current location at 918 10th Street, right across from the Gallo Center and into the heart of downtown Modesto. The Muse offers works in a wide range of media from talented local and regional artists. Whether you’re interested in painting, ceramics, glasswork, photography, metalwork, or handcrafted jewelry, you’ll find unique artwork with a modern sensibility at The Muse.

The Chartreuse Muse is also an Art School! Muse teachers as well as visiting guest artists offer a curriculum to suit all interests of students.  These students range from preschool to adults. All skill levels are welcome! Did we forget to mention we also offer clay classes? 

In 2017 The Muse added the Clay Studio, a fully equipped workshop dedicated solely to clay arts, potter’s wheels, slab rollers, wet cabinets, a kiln, and more. The Clay Studio offers classes and studio use for all types of artists in a new creative space that is designed to inspire.

Visit our Art School page to see our current selection of classes and for more information.




“The Chartreuse Muse has been a part of our lives since it moved to 10th Street in 2007. Our daughter took classes there from her elementary years right into high school—from clay to acrylics and watercolor to mixed media. She has studied perspective and modern art with Ellen Roehne and Asian art with Fumiko Caine, and her artistic abilities have flourished. We’ve also been to openings and visit regularly—our home is brightened by art by Fumiko Caine, Jennifer Price, Ann Veneman, and others. We truly consider The Chartreuse Muse to be Modesto’s art center—the building itself is art, from its Art Deco architecture to the bright murals on the northwest wall, but mostly it is the artist-teachers who have brought us back time after time. We love that the Chartreuse Muse helps expand the community’s artistic abilities and that they showcase local artists we’ve really come to admire.” 

~ Gillian Wegener & Joe Orlando

“Jude has loved everything about his art class. He says that Madison is a wonderful teacher and that she is so encouraging and inspiring. He loves that he is learning and exploring different art methods and mediums and he is super excited to continue his education and growth in art. We have been VERY satisfied.” 

~ Amber

“For all the years I’ve known her, Sandy has affirmed and supported me, constantly boosting my confidence through her encouragement and inspiration to continually hone my artistic skills. Techniques learned as a young child in her fundamentals classes I still use decades later as a professional artist. Her excitement and light-hearted nature towards the craft are infectious as she is ever enthusiastic to venture into new projects, emboldening those around her to do likewise. Steady encouragement and thoughtful, creative energy are hallmarks of her warm and uplifting prodding towards better and greater growth in all those around her.” 

~Tasha Boucher


“I love to see the progress of when Bailey does art at home. She’s less intimidated to try a new picture subject and is now enjoying art!”