Please join us for an Artist Reception on Thursday August 15,  5-8pm

Theme :
Print Exchanges typically have a theme. This helps to coordinate the artwork and provides artists a perspective world within which to create their prints. The theme of this print exchange is titled “Tiny Anomalies”. The definition of anomalies is as follows, “…something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.” Some synonyms (words that are similar to the definition) are oddity, peculiarity, abnormality, irregularity, inconsistency, incongruity, deviation, aberration, quirk, freak, exception, departure, divergence, variation. This print exchange’s theme was inspired by the work that is traditionally made by each artist. Each of these participating artists traditionally create abstract work that show various expressions, deep rooted feelings,
shapes that motivate questioning, and expressive lines that push the viewer’s eye around the page. Each of these artists in themselves are anomalies. This show provides the viewer a small window within which to peer into the artists various realms of artistic expression. We hope you enjoy what we offer.

Who We Are :
We are all experienced artists. Most of us are graduates from CSU Stanislaus who have
received their BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) and BA (Bachelor of Art). All of us are passionate about creating work that bridges connections between the viewer and our artwork. All of us can be found on Instagram. If you’d like to check out our progression in this world that we share give us a follow!

Instagram Handles :
@kolaya_wilson @victoria_hardy_ @maritzadiaz77 @madisonewingstudio @alyssahaleymoon @moonspittles @zobodoodles @mythandarrowpress @juli_jules25

A Summer Print Exchange

Please join us for an Artist Reception on Thursday August 15,  5-8pm