In order to use our online registration system, you will need to create an account with Sawyer Tools. Click “Log In” below to create an account if you don’t already have one.

We love working with Sawyer because it enables our families to input all pertinent information for their families; including emergency contacts, alternate caregivers, allergies, etc.. and we can easily communicate with students and families in our classes. It’s safe and easy to use.

For our Homeschooling Families: Please use the code below that corresponds to your Charter School when signing up. NO CHARTER CODES VALID DURING SUMMER




PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY:  Pre-registration is required for all classes.  Payment to The Chartreuse Muse must accompany the registration form to reserve your space.  Credit is not given for missed classes. There will be options available to make up missed classes.  If a student attends at least one class per month the full class fees will be assessed.  A $50.00 fee is retained on all cancellations. The Muse requires a minimum of 5 students to run each class. If that minimum is not met, that class may be canceled. In the event, The Muse cancels a class due to low enrollment all class fees will be refunded.

PICK UP & DROP OFF POLICIES:  Please arrive promptly for class, but no earlier than 5 minutes before the class is to start. Students will use the classroom entrance for pick up and drop off.  All minors must be checked in and out by a  parent or guardian.  The instructor must be notified of any other arrangements. Parents are asked to wait for students outside of the classroom, as our space is limited

HEALTH POLICIES: We kindly ask that students who are sick not come to class, we will have options available for students to make up a missed class.

All students are required to wash their hands upon entering the classroom.

NO food or drink allowed in the classroom. Students may have a bottle of water, which must be clearly labeled with their name. exceptions may be made for health reasons, please contact us if you have any questions regarding our health policies.

CHARTER SCHOOL STUDENTS:  Please use the corresponding code for your school when signing up for classes. This ensures you are connected with the proper school in our system and is billed properly. If we can’t bill your school, you will be responsible for all class costs. If you have questions or don’t see your school listed, please call us at 209-522-0935